Mr. K. M. Bores, who visualized an absence of good transport operator in the potentially flourishing business areas of Kerala, Bangalore and Chennai connecting to Tuticorin, thus laid the foundation of Thilipan Transport. Now it is one of the most reputed transport companies working in this part of the Tamil Nadu.

In the recent years, the Indian economy has moved towards liberalization. Globalization of the world has also taken place. These two phenomena have resulted in the growth of trade and a consequent increase in the demand for our specialized services.

Thilipan Transport provides a single window for all Body Vehicle, Tipper transportation services. Whether it is the handling of general, heavy duty or volumetric cargo through surface movement, providing door-to-door distribution for time committed high value cargo, or giving logistics solutions to industries in specific area and other users in general. Systems have been developed over the years to ensure that each Lorry transport is carefully handled and securely delivered.

We have our own young new fleet of modern trucks, lifting vans and other support vehicles. We have efficient and reliable team of field as well as moving staff for our support.

Our Team